Diverse Portfolio

We have a wide range of clients from various industries. These industries include ecommerce, healthcare, education, tourism, and clothing production, among others. We have a diverse portfolio of clients, which demonstrates our ability to work with businesses in a variety of sectors and understand their specific needs and challenges.

Web Projects

Various Web Projects

KMSoft has a track record of developing hundreds of websites for a wide range of clients. Many of these websites have been developed from scratch, creating custom content management systems that are tailored to the specific needs of the client. We have also developed a number of websites using WordPress, a popular open-source content management system.

Our team has extensive experience in web development and can create websites that are not only visually appealing, but also functional, user-friendly, and optimized for search engines. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and goals, and are able to develop websites that meet their specific requirements and help them to achieve their business objectives.


Laboratory Information System

Laboratory Information System (LIS) we have developed is a type of software that is specifically designed to manage and organize data in various laboratories. It is used in hospitals, biochemical laboratories, and other types of scientific research facilities and is intended to help lab staff more efficiently collect, store, and analyze data, as well as collaborate with colleagues and share results.

It includes features such as data entry and storage, data analysis and reporting tools, integration with other systems and devices, such as analyzers and external services. It also includes features such as sample tracking, quality control, and instrument management, depending on the specific needs of the laboratory.

By automating many of the manual tasks associated with managing and organizing data in a laboratory setting, our software can help to reduce errors, improve efficiency, and enhance the accuracy and reliability of research results. It can also make it easier for lab staff to share data and collaborate with colleagues, which can facilitate more productive and effective research efforts.

Online Booking System

Advanced online booking system

Advanced online booking system for a tourism company that includes a wide range of features to help streamline the reservation process and improve the customer experience. Our system allows customers to easily browse and book available products and services online, and includes a variety of tools to manage reservations, including availability calendars, special request options, confirmation and payment receipts.

In addition to these basic booking features, our system also includes customer relationship management (CRM) tools that allow the tourism company track customers, interactions, preferences and personalize the booking experience for each customer. This can help build customer loyalty and improve the overall effectiveness of the company's marketing efforts.

Our system also includes asset management and onsite guest management features, which help the company keep track of its resources and ensure that its guests have a smooth and enjoyable experience during their stay.

Overall, our booking system has been designed to be user-friendly and efficient and has helped our clients to increase bookings, reduce administrative workload, and improve the customer experience.

Production Live Management System

Cloth Production Live Management System

One of the key features of our solution is the automation of various processes using barcodes and other tracking technologies. This helps reduce errors, improve efficiency and ensures that all stages of the production process are accurately recorded and tracked.

Our company has developed a solution for fully digitizing a clothing production company, helping them to modernize and streamline their operations. Our solution includes a range of features and tools to automate processes, integrate different systems and software, manage and track production, inventory, and orders.

Overall, this solution has helped the clothing production company to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and increase the accuracy and reliability of their operations. It has also given them the tools they need to better manage their resources and respond to changing market conditions.

Our solution also includes tools to manage and track inventory, orders, and other important data points, providing real-time visibility into the status of the production process and helping the company to make more informed business decisions.

Custom CMS

Custom content management system (CMS) for educational institutions.

Our CMS is designed specifically for educational institutions, streamlining the creation, editing, and publishing of content on websites and online platforms. It features course management, student and staff directories, and resources for both students and teachers. This platform simplifies digital learning, enabling efficient interaction and access to educational materials.

Educators can leverage Our CMS to manage exams effectively. They have the ability to schedule exams, upload question papers, and post results directly on the platform. This centralizes information and provides timely feedback to students, enhancing the educational experience.

Students benefit from real-time notifications about their exam results and other important updates. Our CMS's personalized dashboards allow students to track their progress, access materials, and view upcoming exams and their outcomes.

Calibration Management System

Instrument Calibration Management System

At our company, we have developed a software solution for calibration management of laboratory instruments. This software is designed to help service engineers, laboratories and other research facilities ensure that their instruments are properly calibrated and functioning accurately.

Our calibration management software includes features such as scheduling and reminder tools, record-keeping and documentation, as well as integration with other systems and devices. It helps labs track the calibration status of their instruments, schedule regular calibration events, and generate reports and other documentation as needed.

By using our calibration management software, laboratories and research facilities can improve the accuracy and reliability of their work, ensure that their instruments are properly maintained, and meet regulatory requirements for instrument calibration. It is a valuable tool for any organization that relies on precise measurement and analysis in their work.

Task Manager

Advanced Task Management System

Our company has developed an advanced task management system designed to help organizations of all sizes keep track of and prioritize their tasks more effectively. One of the key features of our system is a Google Chrome extension that allows users to easily add tasks and create website screenshots directly from their web browser.

The task management system includes a range of features to help users manage their workload more efficiently. It includes tools for creating and organizing tasks, setting deadlines, priorities and tracking progress. Users can also collaborate with team members, share documents and other resources, communicate through built-in messaging and notification features.

In addition to the Google Chrome extension, our task management system is also available as a web and mobile app, allowing users to access their tasks and collaborate with team members from anywhere.

Overall, our advanced task management system is a powerful and flexible tool that can help organizations of all sizes improve their productivity and get more done.

In addition to developing these products, in our portfolio, we have a range of other services like project workflow design, system integration, and digital transformation consulting. These services can help businesses improve efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness through the use of the latest cutting-edge technologies.

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